Ikatan Orang Hilang Indonesia - IKOHI

IKOHI (Indonesian Association of Missing Persons) was formed by concerned families of abducted pro-democracy activists in 1997/1998 who, together with KontraS, held a tent-vigil in the yard of the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation, Jakarta in 1998. The victims’ families wanted to build an organisation with a platform to voice their struggles and to reveal the truth and legal injustices in cases of human rights violations they experienced. 


IKOHI are dedicated to their strategic programs and their framework of fulfilling the rights of victims of human rights violations; the Right to Truth, the Right to Justice and the Right to Remedies. The priorities of the organization’s are embodied in their Victim Recovery and Strengthening Program and the Justice Program.

Link: http://ikohi.org

Komisi untuk Orang Hilang dan Tindak Kekerasan (KontraS) Sulawesi

The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (KontraS) Sulawesi is a civil society organization that advocates for human rights and peace discourse in Sulawesi. KontraS Sulawesi was formed in November 2004, and it is also a part of the KontraS Federation, a coalition movement that operates at a local, national, and international level and focuses on realizing a democratic and just country.


KontraS Sulawesi’s agenda was formed in accordance with the victim’s and advocacy networks across Sulawesi to encourage and ensure Legal and Human Rights Advocacy. Their work includes spreading anti-violence rhetoric and peaceful discourse in Sulawesi, monitoring the reformation of the security sector, and strengthening the family of human right violation’s victim and grassroot society solidarity network to  encourage the formation of a just society and upholding the humanity value.

Link: https://kontrassulawesi.org

Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Bandung

Bandung Legal Aid, commonly known as LBH Bandung, was founded in February 1981 by members of the Indonesian Advocate Association (PERADIN). Following the ITB White Book Incident, the members who were also a part of the Red and White Defender team, responsible for the defense of the ITB college students, became critical in accelerating the establishment of LBH Bandung. In 1981, LBH Peradin was integrated into the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation based in Jakarta (YLBHI). The name LBH Bandung formed, recognising them as part of YLBHI.


As a civil society organization in West Java, LBH Bandung has a view that State enforcement must protect and provide sufficient economic, social, and cultural rights and basic human freedoms. Other than honouring those aforementioned rights and freedoms, the protection of civil and political rights is an important and inseparable aspect in maintaining the State.


Today, LBH Bandung decided to become a voluntary organization and focuses on legal and human rights advocacy in the West Java region.

Link: https://lbhbandung.or.id

Perkumpulan Jaringan Perempuan Indonesia Timur -JPIT

The Eastern Women Network Association (Jaringan Perkumpulan Perempuan Indonesia Timur – JPIT) is an organization that consist of 60 women and men from various religious contexts and regions in Eastern Indonesia, including East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Maluku, Sulawesi, Papua, and Borneo. The network, formed in August 2009, became a learning platform for their members and mainstream society through research, publication, and advocacy across three core issues; women, religion, and culture.


For more than 10 working years, JPIT has been involved in fighting for the rights of victims and survivors of human right violation, human trafficking, and encouraging religious tolerance in Eastern Indonesia. This endeavour has been accomplished through research and amplifying victim and survivor’s stories, assisting victim’s, and advocating for victims to policy makers and stakeholders. JPIT has collaborated with Asia Justice and Rights since 2010 in organizing programs that support victims and survivors of human right violations, encouraging change within the survivor and victim community that it supports, and empowering young peoples capacity to be involved in social issues and become agents of change.

Link: https://web.facebook.com/jepit.jepit.9